Command Your Business

Through the Power of KW Command

  • Command Your Database

    Track your contacts and leads with customized intelligence and build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your entire sphere.

  • Command Your Transactions

    Manage your entire book of business within a single, easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to drag-and-drop deals between customizable stages.

  • Command Your Consumer Experience

    Go to your Consumer portal to launch your personalized app, collect valuable consumer insights, and lay the groundwork for relationships that last a lifetime.

  • Command Your Marketing

    Deploy an effective and comprehensive multi-channel marketing and advertising strategy that delivers leads directly to your pipeline.

  • Command Your Day

    Understand what you have to do at a glance, all while keeping tabs on how each activity drives your big-picture goals.

  • Command Your Referral Business

    Find trusted partners, negotiate and arrange specifics, and keep tabs on exactly where in the transaction each referral is at all times.

Course Curriculum

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
    • Chapter Objective

    • Setting Up Command & Connecting Applications

    • Command Settings

    • Marketing Profile

    • How to Edit a Photo with Fotor

    • Website Quick Setup

    • TEAM: Add or Remove an Admin in Command

    • Additional Information About Connecting Applications

    • Take Action: Set Up Your Marketing Profile

  4. 5
    • Chapter Objective

    • Contacts Overview

    • Contact Card Tour

    • Add a Contact

    • Take Action: Create a Contact

    • Create an Opportunity from the Contact Card

    • Importing Contacts

    • Filters and SmartViews

    • Saved Searches with Email Notifications

    • Exporting Contacts

    • Advanced Tags

    • Archive & Wipe Database

    • PieSync

  5. 6
    • Chapter Objective

    • SmartPlans Overview

    • Getting Started with SmartPlans

    • Quarterly Call Plan

    • Take Action: Add a Contact to a SmartPlan

    • Create a Custom SmartPlan

    • Edit a SmartPlan

    • Remove a Contact from a SmartPlan

  6. 7
    • Chapter Objective

    • Opportunites & Sales Pipeline Overview

    • TEAMS: Enable/Disable the Personal Sales Pipeline

    • Edit Your Stages & Checklists

    • Create Your DocuSign Account

    • Create an Opportunity

    • Take Action: Create an Opportunity

    • Add Individual Tasks to an Opportunity

    • Search for an Opportunity & View All Opportunities

    • Take Action: Move Your Opportunity Through Phases & Stages

    • Add Listing Documents to an Opportunity

    • Remove or Replace Documents

    • Upload Under Contract Documents

    • Add Offers to an Opportunity

    • Commissions Tab

    • Archived vs Lost Opportunity

    • Take Action: Add Documents to Your Opportunity

  7. 8
    • Chapter Objective

    • Campaigns

    • Creating a Social Ad

    • Scheduling Social Media Posts

    • Creating a Mailer

    • Email Campaigns

    • Neighborhood SmartVideos

    • Create a Social Media Quick Post

    • Take Action: Neighborhood SmartVideo

  8. 9
    • Chapter Objective

    • Designs Overview

    • Setting up Designs & Your Brand Kit

    • Download Your Market Center DBA Logos

    • Create Your Email Signature

    • Add Your Email Signature to Your KW Email

    • Take Action: Create & Add Your Email Signature

    • Creating Social Content

    • Take Action: Create a Social Media Post

    • Creating Print Content

    • Creating Neighborhood Videos

    • Create Listing and Buyer Presentations

    • Import a PDF

    • Use or Modify a Previously Created Design

  9. 10
    • Chapter Objective

    • Setting Up Your Agent Website

    • Editing an Existing Website Page

    • TEAMS: Create a Meet the Team Page

    • Setting Up Your Mobile App

    • iOS - Download, Brand, & Share your KW App

    • Android - Download, Brand, & Share your KW App

    • Take Action: Download & Brand Your KW Mobile App

  10. 11
    • Chapter Objective

    • Reports

    • Set & Track Your Goals

    • Take Action: Set Your Goals

    • Export Reports in Command

  11. 12
    • Chapter Objective

    • Creating Tasks

    • Managing & Completing Tasks

  12. 13
    • Chapter Objective

    • Referrals

    • Adding Agents to Your Referral Network

    • Sending a Referral to an Agent

    • Sending a Broadcast Referral to a Group of Agents

    • Accept a Referral Request

    • Manually Enter a Referral to Track

    • Manage Your Referrals

    • View Referral Patterns

    • Take Action: Add 5 Agents to Your Referral Network

  13. 14
    • KW Connect Overview

    • KW Connect Profile

    • View Livestreams

    • Search for Content

    • Take Action: Search for Scripts in KW Connect

  14. 15
    • Command Support & Feedback

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

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